Tourist agencies of the island of Krk

There are more than 68 tourist agencies on the island of Krk. Some of the most successful ones have recognized the importance of the project of Tourist Board of the island of Krk and joined its realization at the very beginning. These are:

  • Aurea International  d.o.o.,
  • Šiloturist,
  • Olivari d.o.o.,
  • El-Pi Tours,
  • Mare Tours.

Get to know the leading tourist agencies of the island of Krk, rely on the professionality of local agencies that are best acquainted with the island and offer the most affordable prices of accommodation, packages and excursions on the island and elsewhere.  

From a stage when tourists tried to satisfy their tourist needs without any intermediary, in a more advanced stage the organization of the holiday has become essential. This brought a new specific organization to the tourist market, with a basic aim of mediating between those offering the service and those ready to consume it. 

The importance of these specific organizations, i.e. tourist agencies is supported by the fact that the majority of accommodation capacities of the island of Krk is in private houses, i.e. 57%. This makes the island of Krk a destination with predominantly family accommodation, followed by 28% in camping sites and only 13% in hotels. 

About sixty mainly incoming tourist agencies act on the island of Krk and they are directed to organization of packages, mediation in rental of family accommodation and services of transport, tourist guiding and accompanying, mediation in services linked with travel and stay of tourists, informing tourists and providing promotional materials, mediation in stipulation of insurance contracts, assistance in obtaining travel documents and licenses for hunting, fishing, diving and exchange services, in accordance with valid regulations. 

The majority of agencies offer mainly one- day excursions and some of them offer several- day- long excursions locally or abroad. 
One- day excursions mainly cover the sightseeing of the island of Krk but also of other nearby areas because the aim is to show tourists the beauty and diversity not only of the Island but also of Kvarner Bay, from its climate and vegetation, a mix of coastal area, island and mountains, architecture and culture. 

Some agencies boast the title of Kvarner Family. These are agencies with approved tourist quality and standard offering hospitality with a guarantee. It is up to you to make a selection.

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